Saturday, February 1, 2014

Samantha Walker Owl Creations

 Today is my very first post over at Samantha Walker's blog!  I am going to share with you one of Samantha's new files from this past week and how to use the various layers of it!  This file is an owl and can be found in the Silhouette Store now! I am going to share with you the pictures of the different projects - for the full blown tutorial you will want to head to this post.

 First up I am going to show you what happens if you use just the outline layer of the owl.
Because of all the detail in it - you get a striking image without having to do much to it!  
When you open the file you will get what is essentially three layers.  You will want to ungroup these and remove everything but the top outline layer. Tip: A gluestick was the perfect adhesive for attaching this owl...I tried several different things and settled on that!

For my second project I added in another layer!  I used this owl as an attachment on a jar of candy.

Last up I have an owl that I turned into a shaped card and utilized all the pieces available in this file!
So there you have it - from one layer to three!  

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