Thursday, October 1, 2015

Decision Time - Scrapbooking a Personal Moment

Aside from my design team work in September, it was a quiet scrapbooking month.  This had a lot to do with the topic of the layout I am going to share with you today!  This layout is a special early sneak peek from the Creative Kit from My Creative Scrapbook this month!  The full release will be out on the 5th but I get to share a little early with you!

Here's what the Creative Kit sneaks look like - you can check out more on the blog!
Lots of beautiful rich colors!

If you follow me at all you know that I like to scrapbook moments.  Important points in time that I don't want to forget about - be it the funny things my kids do or the struggles we have.  This layout documents a major decision that we made this month.
My husband is a Pastor for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The way things work for our Pastors is that they can receive a call (a job offer in normal world terms) to a new congregation at any time.  It generally is a surprise and you don't know even how the congregation got your name (which is cool because that shows God's hand in the process).  When they receive a call they spend time in prayer and consideration as they decide whether they will take that call or remain at their current congregation.  On the last day of August, Ben found out he had received a call to a congregation in Nebraska, nearly 13 hours from our current home.  

The last time he had a call was 7 1/2 years ago.  At that time we had two children.  Add to that 7 years in your current home and 2 more children and you can imagine we had a lot to consider.  We were able to visit the church in Nebraska  and had a good visit.  But ultimately Ben felt God was leading him to stay here in Illinois for the time being.  He announced that this past Sunday to our current congregation and we are hopefully back to resuming life as normal!  Because it consumed our lives for the month of September I thought it was important to document it.  So Sunday night I sat down and created this.  It was a good way to close the door on that chapter.  I kept my journaling on the back so it was private as of course a lot of our thoughts in the process are very personal!  And then after I did this I made 11 other projects with this month's kit! So I'm back and hope to be creating and sharing a little more regularly with you!

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