Thursday, August 31, 2017

10 Ideas for Back to School Scrapbook Layouts

Do you ever get bored with scrapping the holidays and events that happen year after year like Back to School and Christmas? I know that I do!  Because of that I am always trying to think outside of the box for fresh ideas on how to capture those memories in a different way.  Today I thought I would highlight some different ideas for capturing Back to School memories .

1) Use a Traditional Shape but Change up your Approach to it!
In this layout I used a cut file of an apple and then pulled out my circle punch to create a scalloped look on the apple.  I have a video to show you how I created this!

My original plan was to do a scalloped pencil but then I decided an apple would be really neat looking.  There are a lot of possibilities out there!

2) Create a Collage Based on a Shape, Number, or Letter and Then Build your Layout Around that.
In this example I built my collage around the letter K and stitched around it to create a border.  This is a really fun technique to use when you want to use up supplies!  Here's a video sharing how I created this one:

I have loved doing this technique for several years so I have a second sample to share where I created a collage of a heart.

This was a great way to capture a traditional school portrait and make it a little more fun!

3) Create a Play On Words for a Clever Title.
One, Two, Four, Eight...all easy grade levels to think of a phrase that fits with the year since they are homophones.  This is a pretty simple layout but includes a process video walk thru.

Despite the fact that the normal quote is "Too Cool For School" I decided to change it up making it all the more eye catching to read!

4) Use a BIG Number in the Background to Emphasize their Grade Level.
String art and stitching can be a unique way to make a big number or letter and really add flash to your scrapbook layout.  You could also use cut files, big pieces of chipboard, or do some unique paper piecing!

 5) Create Scenes on your Layouts that Revolve around School. 

There are a few companies that do themed products and do them really well - Doodlebug and Paper House Productions come to mind first for me!  You can pick up a sticker set and patterned papers from these companies and easily create themed scenes around nearly any topic!  Here you can see I used a ruler as the base for me scene and then built it from there to include a cute owl, lunch items, stars, and more.  In this case I specifically built a scene into my title!

6) Use Non-Traditional Themed Products to Fit your School Theme. 
This collection was not at all school themed.  But by cutting out the patterned paper trees to look like leaves I made it have more of a fall feel.  I also used the register style patterned paper as a background to add to the academic feel.  

 7) Use Circles to Emphasize a School Theme.
 A circular theme works really well when it comes to back to school because it takes our brain to thinking of academic things like a globe, protractor, geometry, etc.  In this case I cut my big circle out of a constellation themed paper.

8) Use Patterned Papers that Weren't Intended for a School Theme but Still Fit it.
This is a map paper from a travel themed collection but by using text to create a circle it mimics a a globe and therefore becomes a school themed layout.

9) Paper Piece a Background with a School Themed Shape.
Paper Piecing can be a fun way to make patterned paper look totally different from it's orginal form. You can use it make a shape using negative space or create a mosaic using positive space.  All of it can come together to be eye catching and unique.

10) If there's a Major Milestone to go with that Day, Focus on That Instead.
By the time I created this layout, I was sick and tired of Back to School colors, stickers, etc.  So instead of doing that I picked a completely unrelated set of supplies and emphasize a milestone that came with starting that year - new glasses!  I still count it as his 6th Grade Back to School page - but it doesn't scream that theme.

There are a lot of great School Themed Paper Craft Supplies out there - here's Affiliate Link Thumbnails to some of my favorites! Just click on them to head on over and check them out at the Store and as always - Thanks for Your Support!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults

Who likes to take Sermon Notes?  I'll admit it's a bit of a foreign concept for me on a live basis because I am married to a I'm fending for myself in the pew with four kiddos.  But I just got some new Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes stamps from SRM Stickers and wanted to use them in some ideas for kids and adults. Today I have a couple ideas of how to go in with some ready made creations to add your sermon notes into!  The first project involves a traveler's notebook.  The second is a mini book for kids.

Let's kick things off with a video walk thru of how I created these two projects:

Now let's take a close-up look at these projects - here's the full spread in my traveler's notebook.
Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults

The notebook combines the use of the Sermon Notes Stamp Set, The Amen Frames Stamp Set, and the Bible Background Stamp Set (never fear I will have links down below).

Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults
The Bible Background Stamp set was perfect for adding some interest to my punched out butterflies!

I made the kids notebook Black and White so that it could be colored.
Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults
Then I set my 10 year old loose on coloring! This is the cover page - packed with the Sermon Notes Stamp Set.

Here's one of the inside pages with just the black and white.
Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults
My goal was just to leave enough room for a little bit of note-taking and then places to doodle and color.

Bible Journaling and Sermon Notes for Kids and Adults
Here's what it looks like when she filled in one week!

So there you have it, a couple of ideas for you on how to start using those new stamps in your Sermon Note taking on Sunday morning!

As promised here are affiliate thumbnail links to the products I used and as always - thanks for your support.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

5 Tips for Using Your Sticker Stash on a Collage Scrapbook Layout

Do you have a bunch of old stickers laying around? It's always fun to use up a whole bunch of stash and today I have a layout that is perfect for doing that.  This style of layout is called a collage style because you mix and match a bunch of elements together to form a collage that looks like a shape. Melinda Spinks is known for doing this with supplies and I love to employ the technique!  Here's what I came up with for the school themed scrapbook layout:

Now if this looks complicated, I think you'll be surprised how simple it actually is!  My process video on it will walk you thru how to do the technique and some of my tips and tricks for implementing it.

I was thrilled to basically eliminate my pile of stickers from this collection by doing this layout.  I had used the collection for four layouts and four cards, so it was time to retire it's remains!  
Here's my biggest tips for you when creating a layout like this:
1) Start with your biggest stickers first.
2) Add in your medium sized stickers
3) Fill in the empty spots with the smaller stuff 
4) Use around 3-5 different types of product - I used cardstock stickers, enamel shapes, and wood veneer, 3D Stickers, and Puffy Stickers.  This allows for visual interest and dimension.
5) Place your pictures before you start so you don't waste supplies or have to rip them up later.

If you create one like this, I would love to see it!  Please share it with me on my Facebook Page or over on Instagram where you can find me as user @cameyer71.

If you want to check out the supplies I used for this layout you can click on the affiliate thumbnail links below and see them at the 


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