Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bullet Journaling - Beginner Ideas - Part 1

Have you gotten the Bullet Journal bug?  I have!  Today I want to share with you some of my recent bullet journal creations as well as some videos and ideas to help you get started! 

What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journaling can take on a lot of forms - but generally consists of the following:

  • Index
  • Weekly or Daily or Monthly (or all of them) plans
  • Trackers and Collections
It can look like a planner or it can look more like a journal or it can even look like a bunch of lists.  Many add creative touches to it and include stickers and washi tape.  Some just use pens and stencils.  One of the things that was helpful to me was joining the Bullet Journal Junkies group on Facebook.  It's a constant flow of ideas from a wide variety of styles!

For mine, I knew I needed a couple of things from a Bullet Journal.  I needed help tracking my to-do list.  I also wanted somewhere to track or collect my thoughts on a variety of things.  This included books I'm reading, fun places I've visited, my wishlist, etc.

I decided to work in a Traveler's Notebook - specifically the Journey Books from Paper House Productions.  

I have one for my Weekly To Do Lists.  This has been tremendously helpful for just keeping up on smaller tasks.  I still use a traditional planner for the bigger things - but this one fills a need of all those things that get lost in my brain and I need to keep track of!

I made a video as I made this one!  Here it is:

Having started with the weekly spreads, I knew I wanted to dive in more.  Next up I will cover how I have begun to do tracking/collection pages in Bullet Journal!

Check out any of the affiliate thumbnails below for the products from this project!


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