Saturday, March 30, 2019

Bella Blvd Rainbow Scrapbook Layout

I love combining all the colors!!! Bella Blvd's Legacy line is packed with products in all the colors!  Here's what I created recently using a combination of Plaids & Dotty, Heart Hugs, and Word Salad Stickers!
Rainbow Scrapbook Layout for Bella Blvd by Christine Meyer
For lots of people they want a legacy to leave behind.  In our house part of our legacy, is caring for each other in a loving marriage through the good and bad!  So what better products to use to showcase that legacy than our Legacy products?  Within the Legacy products you can find - lots of color, lots of words, and lots of versatile products!

To kick things off I picked an non-traditional piece of patterned paper for my layout - I used the front page from the Plaids & Dotty Collection. You know, the one that comes in the paper pack and has the exclusive patterned paper on the back.  I cut off all the branding details and just used the plaids and dots!  I loved that it had all the colors included in it and was all lined up.  It made a really nice backdrop for my colorful picture!

My title was a little trickier to come up with - so many great choices available!  In the end I opted for combining the acrylic "Sweet" with letter stickers from Illustrated Faith.

Seeing as I couldn't resist pulling in all the colors of the rainbow for my patterned paper, I had to follow that up with Heart Hugs in all the colors of the rainbow (and more)!  I used the Heart Hugs from a variety of packages, incorporating different sizes, to create a border between my plaids and dots!

Finally I couldn't resist the chance to really dig into the Word Salad Stickers!  The phrases and words within it provide so many options for ready made journaling and can work for just about any topic you can come up with!  I pulled different phrases from as many colors as I could to tell our story!
I created a process video for you so that you can take a closer-up look at how I pulled together this clean & simple layout!

Click on any of the affiliate thumbnails below to see the products!


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