Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Calm Down Glitter Tube

My precious five year old daughter has a hot temper.  We have been trying to find ways to help her calm down and I had seen ideas on pinterest of different calm down bottles.  The idea is that they shake up the bottle and then watch the glitter settle down and it is supposed to have a calming effect.  A lot of the ingredients were not things I had on hand and frankly I have enough craft stuff on hand that I should be able to assemble just about anything.  So I set out to create my own from my stash and here's what I came up with.

I used a tube from SRM Stickers.  If you click here you can see their different tubes...I actually used the very first one on the page (not too skinny, not too short, just right!).  If you have a local scrapbook store they may also be available there as I got mine at The Scrapbooking Studio.  

I used a half bottle of red stickles (glitter glue is supposed to work the same but I didn't have any).  I then added water to about 3/4 full.  I added about 1/2 a package of Martha Stewart glitter (probably about 1 Tablespoon worth).  Now here's what I learned with my experimenting...using the same color glitter glue and glitter makes a much prettier (and less chaotic) tube.  Add small amounts....shake it up and see if it is settling as you'd like (I wanted mine to take at least 5 minutes to settle) or if you want more glitter.  It's always easy to add more but you don't want to have to start fresh :)  I added crazy glue to the top of the tube where the lid  was going to go and also to the inside of the rim of the cap to ensure no leaking and that she wouldn't be able to get it off.  So far it has worked perfectly.  Now for some close ups...

I decorated the top with a trimmed SRM Sticker, bakers twine, and a gem.  This works for a five year old but depending on the age you are creating this for you may need to go more simple.

I thought it was important to include stickers on it that said "I Love You" as a reminder to her that even in the heat of the moment she is definitely loved.  I added some heart and scallop borders as well.  Again these are all from SRM Stickers in their "We've got your border" series which you can find here.

This is what the tube looks like all shook up.  Isn't it pretty?  So far she likes it and has used it.  In face she asked last night if I could make her one to take to school too :)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Canvas

Oh I am so so excited to share one of my most recent design team projects with you!    I had the idea in my mind to create a Valentine canvas for my kids that could have a pocket on it and I could put treats in it.  When SRM Stickers released their new Glassine Bags and The Scrapbooking Studio had them on got the wheels spinning!  This is the most fun I have ever had creating an altered project!

Do you see it?  That lovely, fun, glassine bag that I just turned into a heart!  And bonus - it is filled up with suckers!

Yum!  As you can see I also ran the glassine bag thru my Cuttlebug to emboss it.

Here's what it looks like without the many fun goodies could fit in here!  Pixie sticks, candy sticks, fun straws, smarties...again, YUM!  And how about the gorgeous stickers from SRM Stickers and Echo Park!  The paper is from the "Love Story" line by Echo Park.  Now how about some pictures to show you how I turned a rectangle bag into a heart and still kept it usable.

 First you need to fold over the bottom corners to create an angled bottom.  The angle starts about half way down the bag. The folds should be onto the backside of your bag.

This is what it looks like from the front.

 The you will lightly fold it in half, don't crease it or do anything permanent. You just need this for your guideline.

 Then trim the top part to look like half a heart.  

Unfold and Voila!  You have a usable glassine bag that now looks like a heart.  Because I attached mine to a canvas I didn't worry about how the back looked.  If you want the back of yours to be seen you could use some cute washi tape over the folds and it would work fabulously!

Thanks for popping by to see this fun project!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Yellow Bicycle Winterings

If you are popping in from Little Yellow Bicycle, here is the link to my Winterings Class Post.  Thanks so much for coming by if you follow me or leave me a comment I will be sure to visit you too!  And if you live anywhere near Bloomington or Moline, IL you need to get acquainted with The Scrapbooking is the BEST local scrapbooking store you can find!

God Bless You Card

I think I may officially have an addiction to doodling...seriously ever since I got my fabulous uniball white pen I can't stop!  I made this card for a couple different submissions but it didn't get picked up.  That is okay because then I have a card that I personally LOVE to share with y'all!  All the paper is from Amy Tan and it is fussy cut.  I popped up the flowers with some foam tape.  The stripes are from some chevron striped paper.  I cut between each stripe and then rolled them up with a pencil.  It was an experiment, just to try something new and different.  And that my friends is my favorite thing about making cards....experimenting :) My sentiment is...of course none other than SRM Stickers!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Card

I was so excited to receive an email saying that I had a card picked up for the July/August issue of Paper Crafts Magazine!  This card is another one that I had sent in for their sketch challenge.  It combines a lot of my favorite things:  Washi Tape (by Bella Blvd!), Bella Blvd Letter Stickers, and SRM Stickers!  It obviously didn't get picked up but it still makes me Happy :)

Seen & Noted Layout by Pebbles

I don't think I shared this layout yet...

I've been on a multiple photo layout kick so it is weird to look at one from a whole month ago that has just one photo :).  Love this beautiful line from Pebbles and the subtitle from SRM Stickers!  Lucy and Grandpa love each other so much and it totally shows in this photo!

Monday, January 7, 2013

December CARDS Magazine Publications

It's always fun to finally share these with you!  Here's the two cards I had featured in the December issue.

 This one was for Rub-Ons.  It uses a lot of different product from Piggy Tales, Amy Tan, Momenta, and Bella Blvd!  I knew as soon as I got done with I loved it!  Lots of vibrant colors and edgy design make me happy!
This one was for punches.  Those little tiny hearts up top are punched out from Amy Tan patterned paper!  I cam e up with that idea way late one night when I couldn't sleep.  Everything on here is from Amy Tan except the sentiment (Little Yellow Bicycle)

I checked these ones out in print and they did an amazing (as always) job of photographing them!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog Hop Winner

Hey Ange!  You are the winner of my goodies...shoot me an email at!


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