Sunday, September 25, 2011

Momenta Coasters

I told ya I'd be back with my Momenta coasters. Similar concept that I made using the Family Forever line.  I went with this line because it's one of my favorites and has the colors and designs to have that wow factor in a family decor item.

Once again, here's the jist on how I made them:
I used regular white ceramic tiles from a home improvement store.  Mine cost a mere 8 cents.  I cut out some scrap felt and put that on the bottom of the tile.  I then cut 4 1/8' X 4 1/8' squares of patterned paper.  I used a homemade glue mixture of half white glue and half water (you can also use modge podge) and had my four year apply that all over the tile.  I then laid the paper down on the glue and applied more glue over the top, wiping up anything that was excess so puddles didn't dry.  I added the monogram and applied glue over the top of that, again wiping as needed.  Lastly I sprayed it with clear glaze spray paint and learned that there probably isn't enough ventilation in a basement to be spraying something like that :).

1 comment: said...

What an adorable project!! How neat that your 4 yo son could help too! Thanks for sharing the details of how you put them together. A great gift idea!! ~ Blessings


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