Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Football Layout

We're a house that loves sports - my hubby and I were both athletes back in the day and we've passed on that love to our kids.  Paper House has a bunch of new sports collections and I'll be sharing projects with those with you!   Today it's time for football!  Whether you have big kids, little kids, or even big fans - this collection is perfect for documenting those fun memories!  These are some special pictures I have been holding onto for years - this little guy is now 5!
Football Layout.jpg Football Layout Supplies Used:
Football Closeup2     
I adore the colors in this collection - there's  a ton of variety making it perfect for a bunch of different teams!  I wanted to add some texture to the layout so I got out my needle and thread and did some hand stitching on the field marks.
Football Closeup1                          The fun collection of stickers in this collection are perfect for everything from embellishing your project to writing out words with the letter stickers.  And just imagine the possibilities for Game Day Decor!
Be sure to check back in on Friday to see a project from the soccer side of this collection!

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