Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Menu Board

It's my day up at Momenta and I created a Family Menu Board.  Our closest grocery store is about 15 miles away, so meal planning is a necessity in my house.  I recently came across a family menu board on pinterest and decided I wanted to make my own version that would fit what I need to keep track of and use colors and embellies that are my style.  I decided to use the Family Forever Paper Kit for the bulk of my board with some Design Your Own Stickers printed to match the colors in the Family Forever Line.  The Design Your Own Stickers come with two in a package so it was perfect to be able to print two different accent colors instead of just one.  All the stickers, tags, and frames come from this great page kit!

Here are some close ups of the various parts
For my title I used some of the Andrew Design your Own Stickers (printed in purple) for one part, letters from the kit for another part, and Jennifer Design your Own Stickers (printed in royal blue) for the last part.

The base for my menu board is actually two 12 X 12 white boards.  I went with these so that I could have some parts that were erasable.  I used the Andrew DYO stickers printed in purple for day abbreviations.

I think this is my favorite feature!  I attached a note pad to this so that I can just pull my shopping list off when I am ready to use it.  

  This time I used Andrew stickers but printed in forest green.  I created an area to keep track of ideas for next week - leaving enough space to use the whiteboard part.  I also put an envelope on here to keep coupons in that would work for the following week.

People are forever giving me recipes and I misplace them - so I made an area where I could store recipes until I can get them properly filed.  Here again I used the Green Andrew DYO stickers and letters from the kit.  

Momenta Supplies Used:
 PK 2407 Family Forever Page Kit
Other Supplies: Ribbon, Ric Rak, Envelopes


Lee-Anne said...

Love this idea! Great project! Thanks for sharing.

Mara Campbell said...

This is such a great idea!! Everything all in one place and it looks pretty, too. :-)

Jocelyn Olson said...

What a great idea! Love the colors you used, too. Now if only I could get that organized... :)


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