Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5 Birthday Scrapbook Layout Ideas for Boys

I have the privilege of being a guest designer for Jillibean Soup this month and they sent me Souper Celebration to create with.  I have always loved to do birthday layouts so it was right up my alley! Since I do so many birthday layouts I always am on the lookout for fresh ideas.  Today I thought I would share some boy birthday scrapbook layout ideas.

1) Create a unique title based on current trends.
First up is this teenage birthday boy layout for Jillibean Soup! For this one I shied away from too many themed elements, because he's a teenager!  I went with HB2U thinking that worked well for this texting/instagraming generation.  That was a really easy way to make it work for his age!

Here's the process video for this layout:

2) Get clever with icons!  
There are lots of ways to personalize a little boy layout but one of my favorite ways to is to add letters to different icon stickers.  In this layout those little monsters were perfect for adding the word "Dude" to.

3) Use birthday icons in multiples to embellish and add interest to your layout.
Imagine this layout without those balloons down the center.  It would be a much more boring and flat layout.  With them it helps draw the eye down from the title to the pictures and the various heights and colors add pops up excitement.

4) Let the pictures lead the way.
You can't look at this layout and not notice his ice cream covered face.  By combining banner pieces and a circle punch I was able to easily incorporate ice cream cones into my layout embellishments.

5) You can't go wrong with banners!
Banners are everywhere in the paper crafting industry.  But they make a whole lot of sense when you use them on birthday layouts and on this one I incorporated a whole line of them as well as one that makes a subtitle.

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Jean said...

These are all gorgeous! Perfect papers for these photos!


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