Friday, August 15, 2014

Creative Blog Hop

**If you are looking for the Samantha Walker Creative Team Blog Hop you can find it by clicking here**

Today I am joining some friends in a blog hop tour! My awesome friend Suzanna asked me to join in! If you haven't already had a chance to check out her amazing work - you should definitely head to her blog! We are each sharing a little about ourselves and our creative process! I can't wait to hop around and see what others have to share!

1. What am I working on right now?
I am working on a new home decor piece that incorporates lots of Core'dinations Cardstock and a pretty awesome quote. I am hoping to have it up on my blog on Sunday!

2. How long does it take to create a project? depends on when I am working. Occasionally I start things during the day which means I could have 1-4 kids "helping." If that is the case it is a lot of starting and stopping. If I am working in the evening after they have gone to bed it tends to be a much quicker process. Cards usually take 30-45 minutes and Layouts usually are 60-90 minutes.

3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment?
My silhouette cameo, patterned paper with bright colors, and my white signo pen. If we're talking brands...I always create things that I love with Paper House Productions, SRM Stickers, Doodlebug Design, and Simple Stories. I adore Core'dinations for my cardstock needs!

4. How does my creating process work?
I usually set out with either the pictures I want to scrap or a specific collection I want to use. I rarely plan anything out and just kind of let my brain take the piece where it goes.
For example on this card I knew which line I was wanting to use (Good Day Sunshine from Simple Stories). I knew that I wanted to use a 4 X 6 pocket card for my background and the "hello" sticker.  So I had my base and sentiment - from there I just built up the layers with embellishments of stickers, fussy cutting, enamel dots, and stickles.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Looking at patterns, blogs, magazines...I'm very visual so studying other projects inspires me. Keeping fresh supplies on hand keeps me inspired - I try to at least replenish some patterned papers each month.

6. What is my signature style?
This has always been a tough question for me! I have a clean and whimsical style that incorporates bold color choices and dabbles in product and design trends. Here's a few projects that I think showcase my style well!

I am tagging two of my talented friends to share their blog with you too! I thought long and hard about who to ask and decided on these two because they regularly bring me inspiration but in very different ways!

Here's the paper craft artist I think you should check out!

Linda Auclair rocks the clean style of scrapbooking and uses multiple pictures a lot! Both of those qualities have made me a long time fan of hers. We both do design work for Paper House Productions and I am always amazed at what she comes up with!


antenucci said...

Glad you could join us today Christine, Suzanna and I fought over who got you, LOL! Love that together layout you shared and the place setting.

Heather said...

My layouts and such always take longer with the kids around, but I love it when they help!!! Thank you for sharing.


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