Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Scrapping Room

I, like most people, scrapbook on a limited budget and very limited time allotment.  So when I organize I need it to make things easy.  After creating a few organizational tools and finding some deals at garage sales I'm nearly satisified with how my room is set up!  Here's some of my ideas, I've written info onto the pictures. Everything that you see for storage has been bought for $1O or less!  I always go into a yard sale looking for something new to add to my organization stash.  I figure if that stuff costs less, there's more to spend on the actual creating!

To make my letter sticker storage:
I used curtain rods that cost $1, drapery hooks that were 8 for $1, and paper clips.  I slid the paper clips onto the drapery hooks and hung the stickers on there.  It works great except for really heavy letter stickers.  I organized each section into a manner that worked for me.  If you'd like more detailed pics of how I put it together, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to email you!

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