Monday, November 2, 2009

1. Where is your cell phone? purse

2. Your hair? long right now and I am contemplating a cut

3. Your mother? visiting us yay!

4. Your father? hard worker

5. Your favorite food? ice cream

6. Your dream last night? nothing I can remember

7. Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper

8. Your dream/goal? In high school I said I wanted to be a wife, mom, and servant of God. All of those dreams have come true!

9. What room are you in? I'm in my car

10. Your hobby? scrapbooking

11. Your fear? another miscarriage

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? hopefully still in the same house in Illinois happily raising my children

13. Where were you last night? helping at a church fundraiser

14. Something that you aren't? perfect

15. Muffins? pumpkin

16. Wish list item? a nice trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary and a new couch

17. Where did you grow up? California

18. Last thing you did? work on practical scrappers

19. What are you wearing? jeans & a sweater

20. Your TV? on too much :)

21. Your Pets? two dogs Leah (beagle) & Mickey (brittany)

22. Friends? precious

23. Your life? too busy but full of blessings

24. Your mood? content

25. Missing Someone? today's not a good day to ask :(

26. vehicle? Montana

27. Something your not wearing? earrings

28. Your favorite store? Archivers...even though it can be way too expensive it is inspiring

29. Your favorite color? red

30. When was the last time you laughed? at Lucy this morning

31. Last time you cried? Yesterday

32. Your best friend? Ben, Wendy, mom

33. One place that I go to over and over? Casey's to get a fountain drink

34. Facebook? love it

35. Favorite place to eat? I love a lot of places - let's say Ted Drewes for ice cream!

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