Thursday, February 5, 2015

Basketball Cupcake Toppers - SRM Stickers

I love great sports stickers and have been having so much fun playing with SRM Stickers newest sports releases!  My son recently had his first ever basketball tournament - I thought some team cupcakes were in order and I had just the right stuff to make them!  Today I am going to share with you how I used the new Take 2 Stickers by the Dozen - Basketball stickers to create cupcake toppers.
SRM Stickers has all the supplies you need to make these cupcake toppers and even personalize them with the kids numbers! #4 just happens to be my favorite because it's my kiddo :)

First off attach a basketball from the Take2: Stickers By The Dozen/Basketball Stickers to a Medium White Punched Piece. Put some adhesive on the back of the punched piece and add a toothpick to it and then top it with another plain punched piece.

Use a border from the  Take2: Stickers By The Dozen/Basketball Stickers and put it onto cardstock.  Cut it out and separate each "Basketball is Life" saying.  Adding the cardstock to it makes it easier to add to the topper without a sticky part hanging over.  I added mine all at different angles just for some added interest for myself (I am not an assembly line crafter...I do not enjoy that at all!)

Use We've Got Your Number Small/White to add each kiddos number to the toppers. As I was making them my son asked why they had random numbers on them.  He felt like a goofball after I explained that they were there actual numbers.

My son's team enjoyed having these at a special basketball tournament and I know your kids will enjoy them too! The SRM Store has stickers like these that can work for several different sports!

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