Saturday, May 16, 2015

Things I do Daily Layout & Sketch

I'm early this month with my "All About Me" layout! This month I decided to create one about things that I do Every Day (or really close to it)!  This is definitely something that changes with the seasons of life so I thought it would be fun to look back at down the road!  I also have made a sketch for you today!  I know, it's been awhile!  Make sure to share it with me on my facebook page if you make anything with it!

Now on to the layout!
I thought it would be fun to title the layout "To Be Continued" because many of these things will be continued daily, in my life, indefinitely!  I got to use the April Main Kit from My Creative Scrapbook which features lots of Amy Tan goodies from American Crafts.  I always have loved Amy Tan's doodles and used the ones already built in to the products and added some of my own too!

My list is handwritten.  I tend to do handwritten journaling because I can't count on my printer working AND it adds that personal touch!  It's definitely not because I love my writing :)
So here's the real world of Christine on a daily basis: Devotions, Drink Coffee (two years ago this would have said soda - pretty far about how far I have come on that bad habit), Make Dinner, Text (how did stay-at-home mom's stay sane without texting???), Blog (if not for my own, then for manufacturers that I design for), Edit Pictures (and I am learning lightroom so I have been doing a lot of this), Check Homework (unless it's English grammar stuff, then it goes to my hubby!), Use Young Living Oils (love 'em, wouldn't want to be without them), Facebook (again how did mom's stay sane before this social connection???), Instagram (this is my own little scrapbooking world - I don't use it for much else and I LOVE it!), Change diapers (hopefully this will change in the next year :)), Read to kids (Little Bear and Peppa Pig rule this house right now), Scrapbook (of course!!!), Clean (something, constantly, always...not a neat freak but I work hard to keep up), Laundry (too much), and Pray!

Supplies Used:
Stickers: American Crafts
Kit: My Creative Scrapbook
Enamel Dots: Recollections

I think an upcoming month I will do one on things I do Every Week because this was super fun!  Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

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