Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY Home State Vinyl Decor

This has to be one of my favorite projects that I have done in awhile!  Using some awesome SRM Stickers vinyl I created this one of a kind home decor piece.  I love how vinyl allows us to personalize home decor and SRM has such a fabulous selection, it makes it easy to make it work for your home.  My husband and I get asked all the time "Where are you from?" because we are not native to the area we currently live.  Between the two of us we have lived in 9 different states, either together or growing up!  So I thought it would be neat to make a piece that shows our "homes."

I created a one of a kind Silhouette cut file to make my heart.

I first made a big heart and then added each of the states that we have called home, either individually or together.  It was interesting to puzzle piece those together but it totally worked!  I then filled in some of the holes with hearts.  I cut this out using the Glitter Vinyl in Cherry Red for this step.

I then cut out my quote in Matte White.  Now this whole thing would have been a pain to put together if not for Transfer Tape. Transfer Tape ensures you have accurate measurements for placement and keeps the whole process from being a mess!

Have any of you lived in a bunch of these states too?  It's a pretty unique combination!  We've got the middle of the country down though!

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Ruth G said...

I love it! Such an awesome idea since you've lived in so many different states! How fun to see them all together! I love how you put them all in a heart with the other hearts inside and the hearts for the cities you've lived in each state.
I've only ever lived in Illinois - a couple of different places, but always in Illinois, but being a lover of maps and states I can still appreciate what you've created! Thanks so much for sharing!


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