Saturday, May 3, 2014

Frozen Party Theme with Samantha Walker and Sketchy Saturday

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Happy National Scrapbooking Day! Let's go back to winter for a little bit today!  I hear the collective sighs....but if you have a child in love with the movie "Frozen" you are probably still seeing winter type things around right???  My sweet daughter wanted a "Frozen" birthday party last month.  Newsflash...there is not "Frozen" party decor to be had yet.  If it exists, I could not find it.  So I had to get creative.  And in came Samantha Walker with her gorgeous winter files to the rescue.

Now, we're talking about a 7 year old here.  So I wasn't going to go overboard with decorations.  But I definitely wanted a banner and snowflakes.  I got my Silhouette cranking and cut full size snowflakes on 12 X 12 cardstock and then also some reduced size ones.  
I like to create a backdrop for her parties that we can take pretty pictures up against.  I started with an aqua blue colored fabric (could be a cheap tablecloth too - I just happened to have some shimmery material on hand.  I draped twinkle lights behind it.  I then taped the snowflakes at varying lengths to the the ceiling making use of some bakers twine. 

 Next came the banner.  I used Samantha's Par-tay Thyme Font to cut out her name.  The L in Lucy just has to be in a script font right!?!  
I simply attached those to some metallic cardstock (yay for shimmer) and punched a cute border along the bottom. A hole punched in each top corner allowed me to string it up and space it out easily.

This all took me about an hour and the personal touch I was looking for.  Beyond creating those special decorations I added some of my Christmas winter decor in coordinating colors and of course Olaf!  Finding him was a pleasant surprise and a perfect decoration addition since I had little else.  I was really pleased with how it came together and satisfied that I was able to make it work for her even without a party store's help!

Doesn't it look just beautiful!?!  I should mention that I created a couple of tissue paper pom poms (you can see them in the upper corners) those were also very easy - think back to your elementary art class days and making flowers!

I came up with games to go along with several of the songs and the girls loved it!  
Here's what we did:
Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?: For this I gave them toothpicks, big marshmallows and little marshmallows and told them to build snowmen while the song was playing.
Fixer Upper: They used toilet paper rolls and fixed up one of their friends as a lovely snowman.
Let it Go: This one was the most fun...I gave them big marshmallows and they had to stand behind a line and throw them at my hubby's head trying to knock a cup of it (yes he's that good of a sport).
In Summer: We did the traditional "hot potato" game but used a chunk of ice instead of passing something else.

Now of course I had to document the party and share that with you today also!  It is National Scrapbooking Day after all! First off I am going to share the sketch that coordinates with this as my Week 9 Sketchy Saturday!  I still have a giveaway going for those who participate in my Sketchy Saturday and you can find the details on that here!

I used Samantha's Par-tay Thyme Font for my title but other than that I stuck to using her Keepin' Cozy line from Echo Park.  The colors in it just worked perfectly!  I did lots of fussy cutting and then topped it off with stickers!  

Now, let's get back to spring!

Samantha Walker Supplies Used:


ALINE said...

So beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a fun party and an awesome layout!! I love it all! You should win the awesome mom of the year award! I know lots of little girls including mine that would love a party like this!

Michelle King said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have plans to do something similar for our Christmas decor next year because I have a Cricut cartridge that has some beautiful snowflakes on it. I love the sparkle of snowflakes when it comes to decor. Love your layout as well! Stunning really...

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