Tuesday, July 14, 2015

About Me - June Layout

I have been sitting on this layout for awhile...like weeks actually.  Time has escaped me for getting to blogging it and without having a design team deadline I didn't get to it.  So this is actually my June layout for my All About Me album!  I'll have to get rolling on July :)  This month I decided to do "Me In Words."

So my goal was no sentences!  Just phrases/words that describe me and things that I see in myself!  I skipped that voice in my head that said "be critical" and just said things that are good or realistic :).  I used the Echo Park line from Jen Gallacher again.  I am starting to get low on my supplies with that so I will probably start to move away from it and use other goodies.  
So here's my list of words:
Pastor's Wife (10 years & going strong)
Busy (by choice and just enough...I do best with a lot on my plate and occasionally get too much but try very hard to keep a good balance)
Loyal (sometimes to a fault)
On-Time (if I am late for something or miss a deadline it makes me crazy...I try to avoid it whenever possible)
Teacher (Part-time Music right now...used to be full time Middle School)
Happy (if you can't get me to smile, it's been a rough rough day)
Stay at Home Wife (not the job everyone wants but for me it is perfect)
Fun (this may be subjective....)
Extrovert (almost all the time)
Forgiven (by God, my husband, my kids....)
Aware (I am super conscious of things going on around me and how people are feeling about things)
Processor (Kind of goes with being aware.  I like to talk things out to process them.  Often with more than one person.)
Emotional (I cry way easier than I'd like, but that's who I am, people who are close to me see it and know it :)
Tough (Kind of a funny follow up to emotional but just because I am emotional doesn't me I give up...I get over things and work to better the situation)
Paper Crafter
Wife (15 years and going strong)
Creative (I am so thankful I have a hobby that allows me to express that!)
Tidy (not a neat freak but I do very much so like things picked up - my rule is to try to keep the house clean enough that I could have it guest ready in an hour)
Tired (this won't change for awhile...)
Patient (hopefully this won't change for awhile either)
Young Living Oiler (love my oils)
Lutheran (LCMS Lutheran since the day I was born...Lutheran educated from Kindergarten thru college and wouldn't change a thing)
Sassy (another side of me that those closest get to see)
Night-Owl (and my hubby is a morning person....I'm almost always up until midnight and often it's just so I can be alone and do whatever I want for a few hours!)
Chatty (extrovert & stay at home mom, I'm afraid this unavoidable for me)
Driven (I set out after goals and do what I can to accomplish them)

I'm sure some of these you already knew, but I bet some of them surprised even my closest friends!  Especially if you don't live around me right now :)  I wonder how many of these I have in common with some of you!


Susie Bentz said...

Love this Christine. Glad you found the time to blog it and glad you chose to be positive! Hope to meet you IRL one day!

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