Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Love You A Latte - Father's Day Card

My dad loves coffee.  My husband loves coffee.  Seems like a perfect Father's Day gift is coffee! SRM Stickers is participating in the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop this week and I made this card to join in the fun!

This card is made to hold gift card and I added a little to it to make it even more special!  

SRM's sticker stitches are available in a variety of colors and are the perfect thing to always have on hand.  I use them A LOT on my projects.  I thought they would make a perfect addition to this card because they would look like stitching on the pocket, tie, and collar!

As I was finishing off the card I felt like it was still missing something.  It needed a pop of color!  So I pulled out my We've Got Your Border/Valentine sticker sheet.  Lo and behold the heart border cuts apart perfectly to fit in the color!  Love the added sentiment it adds to the card! 

Without all the fabulous stickers from SRM this card would be okay but I think their addition makes it absolutely fabulous!

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