Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Anniversary Trip: Part 2

Maine was the highlight!  Maine was the thing we were definitely looking forward to most.  We stayed on Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park. We had a really nice cabin at a campground to stay in.  It was nicer than some of the hotels we stayed in!

We got in to Maine after dark and then went pretty much straight to bed in anticipation of getting up at 3:30 a.m. to try to see the Sunrise at the top of Cadillac Mountain. If you know me well, you know I am not at all a morning person.  But I got up and we drove to the top of the mountain and attempted to be the first in the continental US to see the sun rise. It was foggy. We saw nothing.  

But we were up so we decided to start exploring Acadia National Park.  Since it was barely 5 a.m. we had the whole place to ourself! We got to see some deer and a fox.  

Our first stop was Sand Beach - it's what it sounds like, a beach with sand.  It was pretty and very different from what we would encounter coming up.

Next up was the area called "Thunder Hole" where the beach is lined with rocks.  It is called Thunder Hole because of this area where the waves crash and make a loud thunderlike sound.  

It has a railed viewing area and we were there at a time when you didn't get soaked!

This is what the coast line looked like.  We spent hours climbing and hiking these rocks!

We continued around the National Park and ended up heading to the NorthEast Harbor to see the Bass Head Lighthouse.  

For lunch we hit a local restaurant where Ben (the adventurous one) tried out Lobster Mac n Cheese

And I (the not even remotely adventurous one) stuck with a sandwich and a Blueberry Margarita

The afternoon was spent doing lots of hiking on the rocks.  We pretty much hiked until my feet couldn't take it anymore.  Ben however could go for days...so I did my best :)
He's comfortable sitting on a cliff...

Meanwhile I'm trying not to fall with each step I take :) We had many good laughs on these rocks. Later in the day he took a longer more challenging hike while I went on a Nature Cruise through the Harbor.

I told Ben I wanted to see a Bald Eagle and Seals - well the cruise took care of that for me!  Right in the center of this picture was a bald eagle.

Blurry - but he was there! Very cool!

And then we went out to this island with a neat lighthouse and the island was full of seals!

It was a great cruise! I learned a ton about the island's history and the lobster industry in addition to the wildlife.

After dinner we decided to venture back up Cadillac Mountain and try to catch the sunset.
Choosing the second longest day of the year for sunrise or sunset, probably not the best move you can make.  At least we didn't have four kids with us wanting to leave!

We ended up calling it a day around 10:30 pm that night - it was a long, exhilirating day!
The next morning we caught a few more parts of the park.  We had focused a lot on the outer shores and wanted to see more of the inside.

Jordan Pond was stunning, I wish we would have had more time there!

The water was the clearest freshwater I have ever seen - stunnning!

This was right before it started to rain and was our cue to pack up and get on to the next adventure.  I'll be back with the last part of our trip on Thursday!

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