Monday, June 29, 2015

Anniversary Trip: Part 1

My husband and I just celebrated our 15th Anniversary and took a week-long trip together around the Northeast.  Ben had never been to most of the Northeast and although I had visited much of it, I was definitely up for doing it together! Why our 15th Anniversary? Because for once I wasn't pregnant!  And it also happened to correlate with my husband's 10th Year of Pastoral Ministry Anniversary. We set out early after having donuts with the kiddos.  I thought it would be fun to share the vacation in some blog posts.  
I have some seriously crazy hair going on!  Needless to say I was excited but also nervous as we've never left the kids for so long before!

My mom flew out from California to care for them so they were definitely in capable hands!

Our first long stop was Niagara Falls. We visited there for our 3rd Anniversary so this was just a quick stop since we were close by!

It was just as beautiful and grand as we remembered it!  Looking forward to taking the kids here someday in the future!

The next day we drove thru the Adirondacks and headed to Vermont.  This was a beautiful drive and unlike any other mountains we have driven thru before.
I grew up camping regularly near lakes and rocky rivers - so if I see a rocky river I have to explore.  We found this one and parked the car and made our way down - you can't tell from the picture but he is actually nearly in the middle of the river.  Rocks and water are a happy combination for us :)

Towards the end of this drive we stumbled onto a big river, bigger than anything we'd seen on the drive!  Turns out it was the Hudson River!  Beautiful and we were definitely excited to find that!

Maybe someone from the area can explain why the water had sort of a rust hue to it.  Every freshwater area we encountered was that was way throughout the NorthEast.  It was new to us! This picture of the Rust Colored Bridge over the Hudson reminded me of it!

We finished the day off in Burlington, Vermont.  We spent some time walking the shops on Church Street and watching street performers.  We grabbed sandwiches for dinner and headed to the coastline for Lake Champlain.  It was a cloudy day but still had a beautiful sunset!

The next morning we started off towards Boston!

Vermont's Green Mountains were totally different from the Adirondacks.  Green, green, so very green.  It was once again, unlike anything we'd ever seen.  We made a quick stop at the King Arthur Flour Shop and Cafe.  My hubby loves to make bread and other carbs, so when he saw we'd be in the area he wanted to stop in there.  It was a unique stop and full of yummy goodies for breakfast for us!

We had planned to spend a few hours in Boston but the weather was rough.  Ben bought us ponchos and we had an umbrella but the Freedom Trail still seemed a little nuts to me.  We managed to find FREE parking a block from Fenway.  So with a poncho on Ben and me under an umbrella we parked and walked the area around Fenway.

The rain even took a little break!  

While walking we stumbled onto a little restaurant in the wall of Center Field called the "Bleacher Bar." So we of course had to stop in and have some food and get as close to Fenway as we possibly could :)

Very thrilling for the baseball loving hubby!

I'm going to wrap there for today and will be sharing more of the trip in upcoming days!

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Cheryl W. said...

It was fun to see your photos and learn a little about your trip. We're heading to the Northeast next year for a 2-month long trip. I can't wait!


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