Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Works For Me: Thicker Storage

I finally have a Wednesday off and I wanted to share another installment of "What Works for Me Wednesday."  This week I am going to focus on something that was a huge headache for storing...until I started this method.  Today I am talking about Thickers and how I store my thickers (with a few other dimensional and non-dimensional letter sets thrown in...but mostly Thickers :)

I am not a person who saves my packaging from my embellishments.  It would be great if I was and I have started to try to be more deliberate about that...but I definitely haven't before the last 6 months.
I just simply use a plain white plastic drawer like one that comes in a storage compartment.  Now, with letters in it, it does not fit in as a drawer.  But that's okay because my drawer part got broken by one of my kiddos!  And honestly...I kinda like it being open and just sitting on a shelf!  My container measures about 10 inches wide by 14 inches long.  I only have one drawer because I am a purger and don't have any more Thickers than that!  I know that if you got a little bigger drawer (taller) you could make it work in a shelf system and have several drawers full of Thickers if you have lots!

Here you can see a side view of how they fit in.  If I have kept the packaging, I trim off the top label part but keep the celophane around it (slicing open one long side and one short side for easy access but avoiding the stickyness at the bottom)

If I don't have the packaging anymore then I put them together facing it's partner...preventing it from rubbing on other and getting lost.

It's a very simple system and has worked great...I just wish I had thought of it sooner ;)


Lissa said...

This is what I do too! I have two baskets like this (I have a Thickers problem!).

Kim said...

Great tip! I don't have many thickers but have alot of alpha and have been working on making myself use my stash!

Lyne Blodgett said...

Great idea! I currently have them in my scrap rack, but I'm thinking of pulling then out and putting them somewhere else as I've gotten to many.


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