Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flower Pen Tutorial

I am up at the Samantha Walker blog today! I had so much fun playing with Samantha's new flowers this week and found a fun way to incorporate them into a project.  Today I am going to show you how I turned these flowers into pens.  I have them displayed here in a flower pot.  I am also linking this up to the Paper Issues current Issue - Tip-toe thru Tu-lips

Your first step is to cut out the flowers that you want to use.  I used two shades of each colors to add a little contrast.  I set them up on my screen like this and then used 6" X 12" papers on my cutting mat.  I used the following flowers:

You will then want to fold and bend your flowers to your taste....I just use my fingers for this but a pencil would work great too.  I also embellished mine with some gemstones.

I then created my "stem" by using a six inch square.  First off, I have to give credit to the team coordinator, Jamie, here because she helped me figure out how to do this step.  I set it like a diamond on my grid and trimmed off one end so that it lined up with where I wanted the paper to end on my pen (a grid mat was super helpful with this).  

I used strong craft glue that dries fast and rolled up the pen, securing it with a clothespin while I worked on the others.

I then wrapped it with washi tape because I thought that would help it hold up better and looked pretty!
I cut slits in the end of it so that it folds down in thirds, making it easy to attach to the flower.

Once again using my strong craft glue I attached it to the flower

And then you are done..you've got a lovely little pen to display.

Our school secretary is an awesome friend and because I always talk her head off about paper crafting (which she doesn't do any of), I decided to make this into a gift for her.  I used a small flower pot and added some beans.

I then added the whole variety of them!  I hope this will give her a little bit of spring joy for the week!

Have a great week crafters!

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