Friday, December 6, 2013

Get Well Card

It is cold out there today!!!!  How about a sunshiney card to brighten things up?
About a month ago I had the idea to use Doodle Twine in a way that I haven't seen before: using it to make it look like a spring (or curly q ).  To do this I simply used some fabric stiffener and dipped the twine into it.  I then wrapped it around a pencil and let it dry.  I have used it a few times on different projects and I love the different dimension it adds.  I am a huge fan of cute monkeys and this little monkey Doodle Pop was exactly the right addition for the bounce element on this get well card.

I used a card from the Doodlebug Create a Card line. I love the details in pattern and shape on the Create a Card line, perfect for adding a lot or just a little, depending on your style!  The only tricky part was finding a way to stand it up to photograph...thus the orange cardstock on my big picture....I used it to stabilize everything :)

Supplies Used:
Card Base: Doodlebug Design
Twine: Doodlebug Design
Washi Tape: Doodlebug Design
Stickers: Doodlebug Design
Fabric Stiffener: Helmar

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