Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flower Girl Layout

Today I have a layout to share that features one of my favorite pictures of Lucy.  This is from a few years back, and yes, I have scrapped it before.  But Momenta said they were looking for something sophisticated, using their die cuts....this photo just jumped at me as the way to go!

The paper I used is a distressed looking dark grayish almost's got a unique hue to it.  I die cut flowers and leaves to create my border along the picture and then added metal flowers on top.  I also used metal bars along the top and bottom (I've never been able to figure out what to use those for....score!).  A simple title and sticker are the final touches.  The sticker reads: "The Best is yet to be."  Best is written in a metallic silver....doesn't matter how many times I shot always came out fuzzy!  

If you look closely at the photograph you will notice that there is more to the story than first appears (thus the sticker "the best is yet to be.")  Lucy was an excited three year old flower girl.  She went down the aisle once and waited for everyone else to get there.  Once they arrived she turned and went up the side aisle to the back of the church to do another round.  This picture is of her on the second round (thus the bride, groom, and father of the bride are up front with the minister).  What a fun moment that we will always remember!

Supplies Used:
All Supplies used are from Momenta


Cathy said...

Wow! I love this..I have seen you use this photo before...but this is stunning..simple and elegant!

Suzanna Lee said...

OMG!! The story is just ADORABLE!! I didn't even put two and two together to see that the bride and groom were at the alter already!


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