Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm trying to gauge what of my stuff is most eye catching...if you have a few minutes I have a survey up on my "Favorite layouts" tab and my "Favorite cards" tab.  I'd love for you to just vote for any that really catch your eye.  Sometimes a neutral eye is helpful in removing that sentimental attachment to a project :)  Thanks in advance to any who are able to help out!


scrappyhappymom said...

I voted! It's really hard because I love them all, lol. Sometimes my eye catches color, sometimes it catches a unique design. I love all your work, but I tried to be helpful and pick a few of my absolute fave's!

missybossy65 said...

Hi I have placed my vote, all of them are lovely but I kept it to 2 so that you got a 'controlled' opinion :0)


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