Monday, January 12, 2015

Santa Claus Layout

Okay so I know Christmas is over and I know the "industry" says it's time to move on to Valentine's Day and Spring.  But here's the thing...I have been following the industry's unspoken rules for a few years now and I have news for you, I have a lot of unscrapped holiday pictures.  Not just Christmas but from all the holidays.  Basically whatever I haven't gotten done by the deadlines gets shoved to the side and may or may not get documented later.  And if it does get documented later it isn't with the freshness of memories still close in mind.  So this year, I am bucking that trend and you are going to see me documenting holidays year around - regardless of what season we are actually in.  I want to make sure I am capturing all the moments before I forget them!  Today I am kicking things off with a layout from this past Christmas and it tells the story of what my kids told Santa they wanted for Christmas.

Santa Claus layout by Christine Meyer
It is not the best picture of the whole group but when is a Santa picture ever good - there's always someone making a goofy or terrified face!  I used 3D Stickers from Paper House Productions in combination with some of their patterned paper.  I also used some new nesting star dies that I got from Technique Tuesday.  Those are going to get a workout!  Core'dinations cardstock helps make up the base and the background for the picture.  I hadn't written down all the kids Santa requests yet, so I am glad I took the time to do this because chances are, by next November when I got back to this picture I would have forgotten!  

Do you stick with holiday schedules when scrapping or are you working on them year around too?

Supplies Used:
Patterned Paper: Paper House Productions
Cardstock: Core'dinations
Stickers: Paper House Productions, Teresa Colins


Cheryl W. said...

This is a fabulous layout, Christine! I love all the embellishments - especially those stars!

Pam Wesson said...

Oh I love it!!! You are right that it is much better to scrap it while your memories are fresh. 😃
I work on Christmas until I get it DONE!!!
I finished Christmas 2013 at a scrapbooking retreat in October. I always do other events throughout the year along with Christmas to break up the monotony. I am ready to start on Christmas again.....along with countless different vacations we took in the last few years.


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