Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hair Bow Flower

One of my favorite things about papercrafting is that the supplies can translate over to crafts beyond paper!  I love making bows for Lucy and playing with different styles.  I recently saw a friend with a a pin on her purse that was made from felt strips and looked like a flower.  Always on the lookout for  new ideas I was immediately drawn in and began thinking about how I could do that with ribbon!  Here's what I came up with!

I cut strips and then folded them in half and connected the ends with fabric glue.  I then attached them to a canvas circle.  I did 16 of these in the same same size for the bottom layer.  I then did a two more layers that were shorter and had less bulk.  I ended up using a whole roll of ribbon...but it was the little scrapping kind that you get for $1. I added the big Jillibean Soup Epoxy button that has some thin pink ribbon in the holes

Something like this would be super pretty on a purse or as a pin on a has a bit too much dimension to be doable for a card.  Sized down though it could totally work on a card or layout.  I also think it could be gorgeous as part of gift wrapping!

Lucy was quite delighted with it!

Doesn't she look sweet?  I'm going to keep making her bows (or in this case flowers) as long as she'll keep wearing them!

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Cathy said...

She is adorable, love the bow!34


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