Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Chalkboard Clipboard

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SRM Stickers added a new product to the store this week! Chalkboard Markers!!! Not just ones to write on Chalkboards but ones to make chalkboards too! I love the versatility of chalkboard!  Today I am going to  show you how you can make that boring and intimidating To Do list a little more fun by using Chalkboard Markers.
diy chalkboard clipboard - SRM Stickers

My To Do list is always long but there are always certain things that are top priority and I am also liable to forget.  So I decided to use the new Chalkboard Markers to create a shorter - in your face list that can hang in my kitchen!
diy chalkboard clipboard - SRM Stickers

I started with an inexpensive wood clipboard.  I then used the Easy Chalkboard Marker and just colored it.  I did two layers to ensure it was thick. I used some letter stickers to trace the "to do" part with Bistro Flurescent Chalk Markers.  You could totally freehand that if you are braver than me :)  I then created lines and boxes using the Bistro Chalk Markers and the 6 mm Bistro White Chalk Marker.  Because I was in a bright and cheery mood when I created this, I doodled some flowers using both the Fine Tip and 6 mm Flourescent Bistro Chalk Markers. I love that depending on my mood, I can change up the doodling or even just leave it plain and simple!  

Lastly you add your to do's and then enjoy checking them off!  

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on a good day said...

I just love your idea!! Thank you for showing us, it would be an excellent message center for my 15 year old excuse for not seeing!


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