Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Two Page Bella Blvd Layout

I remember a time when I almost exclusively did two page layouts.  That is definitely no longer the case.  But there are times when that is exactly what I need to do to tell the whole story or use all the pictures I want to use.  Today I have a two pager featuring shots of my little Lucy.  I had a lot of fun playing with the title work on this one!

It is always so hard to show a two pager on a I will share some close ups!

I had fun playing with feathers, flags, and stitching on this one. Tip:  Think outside of the box with your color combinations, without the navy blue this layout would have a very different feel and could be less eye catching.  Throwing in the unexpected navy blue helps to add to the boldness. 

Tip: When working with a longer title, varying the fonts and what the letters are created from help to add some interest to the title.  

Do you still do two page layouts?  I'd love to see a link to one that you love!

Supplies Used:
Feathers; Bella Blvd
Washi Tape: Bella Blvd
Letter Stickers: Bella Blvd
Stickers: Bella Blvd
Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd

1 comment:

Lissa said...

Love these bright colors! So lovely. :)


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