Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Cooper layout and tutorial

 Can you believe it is almost August!?!  I have a sweet baby layout to share with you today that has a bonus to it!  I created a simple mini album to add to it so that I could get some extra pictures onto it.

You can see the little mini album on the bottom of the layout.  It could be used for extra photos as I did or you could use it to tell some stories that you don't want everyone to be reading.  I learned how to create this little album from Heidi Swapp at CHA this year! Here's some close ups of what the album looks like:

It didn't occur to me that pictures would be helpful in describing how to set this up until after I created it, so I created another one real quick using some other materials.  All you need to create this is 2 coordinating 6 X 12 cardstock papers, something to punch holes, and a  string to bind it with.
Fold one piece of the cardstock leaving one halfabout a halfinch longer.  

 Fold the other piece over that leaving about a half inch of extra length on that. 

Open up the pages and find the center seam.  You will punch your holes on this seam and bind it.  And that is it!  You can use this quick technique to create something to add to your layouts or even to make a quick mini album to giveaway!

I hope you've enjoyed this fun little idea as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Supplies Used:

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