Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Decor - Altered Embroidery Hoop Tutorial

I feel like there is not nearly as much Easter home decor out there as there is for other holidays - so I had the perfect excuse to create some new home decor this year!  Welcome Spring  from Imaginisce is perfect for both spring and Easter projects!  I created a set of three altered embroidery hoops to adorn the walls of the Meyer residence.

I've made several hoops like this over the last couple years.  It can be fun and a good challenge to design in a circle instead of a rectangle or square.

I knew I wanted a set of three hoops so I opted to make one a bigger one and added a little more decor to that one.  Lots of fussy cutting took place to create these scenes.

The smaller two hoops are the same size and use the same base patterned paper but different colored eggs.

They also have different bunnies and scenes.  

After seeing these you may be wondering how I used paper in the embroidery hoop instead of fabric.  I put together a little tutorial for you to show you how quick and easy it can come together.

1. Take apart your embroidery hoop and set the outside piece aside.
2. Trace your inside piece on the back of the patterned paper you want to use.
3. Cut out your circle but don't cut on the traced line...leave about 1/4" border.  This does not need to be exact!
4. Using quick drying glue (the Imaginisce Ibond Cordless glue gun works perfectly here) put a line of glue onto the top of your hoop.  Turn it over and attach it to the circle.  You will have excess border.
5. Once dry go around and snip every 1/2 inch or so on the excess border. Add glue to the outside of the hoop and fold down the snipped pieces.  
7. Add the outside piece of the hoop and you are done.  If you use a quick drying glue you are ready to decorate!

Supplies Used:
Imaginisce: Patterned Paper, Gemstones (Welcome Spring)
American Crafts: Cardstock, Ribbon


Sherri said...

precious! turned out well

Aline Marengo said...

So beautiful!

Karen Conner said...

I've done one or two of these & I adore them. Love your Easter inspired ones!!

Gina H. said...



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