Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't Laugh

I try very hard to make the main focus of my scrapbooking to remember everyday moments.  Those are the things I am really afraid of forgetting!  This layout combines a variety of silly pictures of Lucy - but the title is what I really want to remember.  She is a hilarious little girl and is constantly saying things that make us laugh that she doesn't realize are funny.   Then when we laugh (especially when daddy laughs) she says "Don't laugh"  She says it so cute and drawn out.  We always end up explaining that what she said was funny...but she rarely understands.  We are learning the art of stifling our laughs :)

I used an Imaginisce paper full of border strips and cup them up and just started color blocking.  I had a vision and it was a little bit of a puzzle, but their sheets have soooo many great sizes it ended up working out just great.  All the pictures are from last spring/summer so the bright cheery paper was the perfect fit!

Supplies Used: Patterned Paper Imaginisce, Letter Stickers from Momenta, Bakers Twine from the Twinery

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