Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and requires all kinds of ingredients for the perfect day. I knew I needed to start working on one ingredient:  cute decor for my table.  With just a few simple ingredients I was able to pull together an adorable turkey and some napkin rings: the most important ingredient being the Feathers Project Pad from Paper House Productions.
DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor
Combining the feathers with a couple of circles, some Autumn Woods washi tape, empty toilet paper rolls, and enamel dots; I was able to make both the turkey and some napkin rings.  Here’s the whole process in a quick video!
I can’t even tell you how much fun it was to put this turkey together!  I love it when the project comes together and is just super fun!
Look at all those pretty patterns in the feathers! I love that the colors coordinate so nicely so that the patterns aren’t overwhelming.  In addition to the turkey I created some napkin rings using the same ingredients!
Napkin closeup
So there you have it, simple ingredients that come together to make some beautiful decor!  To check out the supplies for this project just click on the affiliate thumbnails below - Thanks for Your Support!

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