Friday, December 18, 2015

December Planner Pages

I'm in, full in, to the Planner hobby! Today I am going to share with you all of my December pages - you can check out even more closeups and details on the SRM Stickers Blog and Paper House Productions BlogMy planner is the Happy Planner from Me & My Big Ideas.

First up is my December Overview Page:

On this page I did not include every detail - just the big events.  I save the more routine and everyday stuff for the weekly spreads.  

On the left side of my overview page I added a checklist of things I want to do over the Christmas season - a bucket list of sorts!  My little birthday flag comes from the Calendar Companion set - a great set for year around planning!
My first week of December is absolutely jampacked!  I had fun adding some pretty pieces to it - makes the whole week look a little less nuts and little more exciting! 

I added a Green Doily to a corner that wasn't filled in and needed something special.  I also worked in lots of Red Sticker Stitches and Christmas Little Borders.

My second week spread has more of a rustic feel to it!  I used more of the Red Little Borders but also added in We've Got Your Border Christmas.  The cute wood paper comes from Paper House Productions

One of the things I like to do in my planner is add patterned paper rectangles to any parts of the day that I have free.  I can write over them later if I need to - but I like the visual break from all the writing and I like the visual reminder that I have a break there to focus on myself and my family.  For each week I used the border sheet from the collection as a separation for my morning > afternoon > evening rows.  I love the polished look this adds.

Since this week is heavy on Christmas activities - I added in some great cardstock stickers.  They were a perfect match with the rouge collection. Perhaps my favorite addition is the Snapshots stickers to days!  For this week I used both music and basketball ones.  These are absolutely perfect and  are going to find a way into my weeks very regularly!

For the next week I used Emerald Colorways - perfect for Christmas week!

I added in a few pops of red with more of the Merry Christmas Cardstock Stickers.  I love how calm and empty this week looks - that’s just how it should be!

I used the same approach with filling in grids with patterned papers and using the borders.  This time I added in some accents from the Emerald Coloways line though. When I don’t have a long checklist to add in the left hand column, I just have fun decorating it!  Some Christmas patterned paper combined with some Sculpted stickers were perfect for this area! For this week all my empty grids are filled with the same patterned paper.  I haven’t done that before, I usually switch it up, but I like this look too!

For my last week I was planning to use Gatsby collection from Colorways because Gatsby just screams New Year’s Eve right?  But it wasn’t flowing well with the colors that my planner already had.  So I went with Sapphire and was so happy I did!  It came out beautiful and has that fresh feeling of a new year!

This time I returned to the varying patterned papers in my empty grids and brought back those snapshots! The Sapphire accents played a pretty big role on this spread.  The arrows were great for pointing towards New Year’s Eve and Day and of course the word “hope” is just perfect for what you feel at that point in the year! The Urban Snapshots Stickers were so perfect for this week!  I have definitely got an even bigger love for my Snapshots now!

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