Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting my kids organized - with paper crafting supplies????

Today I am going to show you a home project that I incorporated my paper crafting supplies on.  
Four kids is a lot.  I am constantly on the hunt for things I can do to make our lives easier, smoother, less get the picture.  Last week after my daughter lost her homework for the bajillionth (okay, okay I'm exaagerating!) time, I knew I needed to come up with something.  So with a quick trip to the store and the use of my fabulous paper crafting supplies I came up with this! 

I call it "Meyer Command Central" - 
My answer to getting my kids more organized.
Command Center - helping my kids get and stay organized
 If you know my family, you know that Boaz is not even one yet.  I decided to just set it up for all four kids because then it matches and I don't have to add to it later!  Plus let's face it, even babies have paperwork we need to keep track of.  

The bin at the bottom is for backpacks/lunchbags.  I am planning to add an additional row that they can use for winter gear.  

They each have one hook (3M Command Strip) for a jacket.  Heavy coats will continue to go on the coat rack.   I added a picture of each kid and will switch those out as they bring home pictures or I come across cute ones I want them to see.  

Above that is the most important part of this - the clipboards!  I added some cute washi tape (from Freckled Fawn, Bella Blvd, and My Minds Eye) that matches their white boards.  For the oldest two this clipboard holds their weekly newsletter which includes their spelling list, memory work, etc.  These are papers we spent way too much time looking for last year! They have been ordered to not remove them at all.

Lastly, I got them each a whiteboard in a different color and added their names in matching stickers (Momenta).  These are going to be used for me to write them notes, share a Bible verse with them, encourage them, etc.  Obviously that won't be of use for Boaz for awhile, but I may still use it to keep track of well checks and such for him.


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