Saturday, June 25, 2011

Masking Tape on Cards? Yup I went there!

Last month I did coffee filters on a card to complete a project for Practical Scrappers new frugal finds feature.  This month it is all about tape.  I know you could run into all kinds of archival issues with tape and I don't have any spray to help with that, so I stuck with cards.  I came up with three using masking tape and one using electrical tape...if not for time I probably could have come up with more, I had a lot of ideas!

For this one I wrangled and twisted long pieces of masking tape and made them into little rosettes.  I think this one is my favorite!

For this one I attached electrical tape in stripes and then, you guessed it, did some embedded embossing.

Here I folded over pieces of masking tape and then curled the strips under and started layering them to make a big fluffy flower.  She topped it off with a big button and another masking tape rosette.

For my last one, I started with a circle and then starting from the outside pleated the masking tape along the edges, finishing one whole rotation before moving inwards.  It was a little tricky and definitely sticky, but in the end came out pretty cool.  


yyam said...

These are awesome creations Christine! I have worked with masking tape and they are so much fun! :)

Lee-Anne said...

This is such a clever idea! Your creations are beautiful!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Love your cards Christina! Particularly the one you submitted to the Bling CARDS challenge :)


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